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Frases de repaso: algunos casos prácticos. ¿Las puedes entender todas sin recurrir al diccionario?

"any1 know some good f2p mmo?"
"we need a tank, a healer and a dd for this boss"
"the healers oom and now we are fucked"
"i'm bored let's rp!"
"zulah will cc when we hit groups of mobs"
"lfg any high lvl instance"
"johnny is afk in the team's spawn point"
"damnit, i aoe'd and aggroed another mob!"
"i was ganked by a lvl 60 horde"
"my tnl is @3000 xp"
"hey, brb, g2g take a shit"
"i need a rez qq!!"
"slap a bunch of dots on the mob and kite it"
"my guild roxors the pvp server in everquest dude"
"wts long sword pst with offer!"
"the puller is a complete n00b... he just pulled a crawler and it linked three more... orz"
"looking forward to our webcam session later on... makes me really horny" "omfg" "lol" "mt"
"i'm going to camp their spawns" "not if i tk you first"
"omw" "k"
"omg lag" "stfu this is a lan newb"
"ding!" "grats" "gratz" "wo0t!" "wtg!!!!11" "wtg" "woot"
"rdy" "1" "1" "brb, g2g take a shit"
"gg" "gg" "gg" "gg" "l00s3r n00bs pwned u l2p!"

(muchos ejemplos cogidos de Urban Dictionary)

Y ahora que ya sois todos unos u83r5  en la jerga mmoera, dejo también unas cancioncillas relacionadas con los MMOs para celebrar el final de la serie y para, una vez más, repasar algunos de los términos (¡cuidado que son pegadizas!):

MMORPG the Song de Alex Greenwald

Aggro is Mine (the Tank Song) de Dax

Ni Hao (A Gold Farmers Story) de Mad Cow, creo

The PvP Song (from ally perspective) de Sharm, creo

PuG with me, también de Sharm

Run to the Tank de Thoryana

ROFLMAO! de Oxhorn

Epic Raids de Oxhorn

Tank Tank Heal Tank de Oxhorn

The Internet is for Porn, que aunque no es exactamente sobre MMOs, está hecho en el WoW y es un clásico

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar de The Guild, ¡lo mejor para el final!

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